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Eric Cohen

     Eric is a Missouri-based hip hop artist whose musical influences include Lecrae, Toby Mac, We Are Messengers and Andy Mineo. He draws on his life experiences and spiritual inspiration to bring a message of hope, peace and power to people from all belief systems and walks of life.

     Eric in His Own Words: It all begins with a beat …. I have a history with darkness. From a chaotic childhood of poverty and addiction, to my own experiences with sin and vice. It's not been an easy road, but thank God He never gave up on me. Even after accepting Christ and getting clean, I continued to struggle with the temptations and pain of this world. Two years ago my world was crumbling. My relationship with God and my family was at a low point. I felt useless, lost and in despair. I was sleeping in my car, unable to face my loved ones and without much hope for the future. That's when I heard it. The radio began playing a beat. That's where it all began. My soul was stirred for the first time in a long time. I bowed my head and let it move through me. I opened my mouth and out came the poetry that my heart had been holding in. It now had a conduit; a way to come through and speak its light into the darkness. The words poured forth from my mouth, sending goosebumps and trembles through my whole body. At that transformative moment, I felt a new birth take place. A new calling. While I wasn’t perfect by any means I knew God could still use me with this gift he had given me. I had purpose, I had determination. I knew my mission from that day forth. To anyone who is here listening to my music, first off I want to say thank you. But I also want you to know that whatever situation you’re in in your life right now, God has your back. He will never give up on you. The universe began with a rhythm when He spoke his words of creation into it. That rhythm is in you now and you have a purpose on this planet. It's not always easy but from experience I will tell you it is worth it. Whether your calling is music or something else, give your life to Jesus and he will make something beautiful out of it for His glory. Step into the rhythm of creation and embrace the new birth. Remember it all begins with a beat.

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