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Forever Unfolds

Bryan Smith and Noah Reineke

Being born into good Christian homes seems like a good setup for both of us. Parents who loved Christ, and wished the best for their children.  However, broken people break people. Both of us eventually found ourselves feeling out of place in our lives, in our families, in our churches. Being drawn to all that the world has to offer. Fornication, drugs, alcohol, money, and so much more, all the while finding passion and purpose in this thing called music. Music took the edge off, and helped us feel a little closer to reality, but it was still not enough. It took hitting rock bottom to see that nothing in this world can help us, and nothing can save us from ourselves, but only the love and mercy of Christ can save us. With our life experiences being so similar, when we met, it was only natural that we connected so quickly, not only because of our history, but our musical tastes. This relationship quickly became so much more - a mission to help kids and young adults just like us to find hope and purpose in Jesus Christ, and to bring them to eternal fulfillment in Him.


This is Bryan the drummer and also, as a musician, I speak through music to express my feelings and emotions in ways that I'm not able to sometimes in my own way of speaking. But I know that God is listening, and he is giving me this talent in this voice so that I can speak. And then I'm able to be coordinated enough to create a rhythm or melody, that is capturing audiences to bring people to God. Now, isn't that beautiful. I know that it takes an army to beat the devil, and we need to create that army now, and that's why today, I say that God before us as we bring our music to you that you help us create this music so that we can build fan base and have people that want to follow us, so they are directed in the right direction when the time comes and that soon. We had a deep conversation and this is very well said. I don't know who I'm speaking too but we all have testimonies. Was there struggles, we cannot be guided in the right direction without the beacon of light in the darkness and the guidance of the voice that we hear that tells us right from wron when we are in a bad situation.  The love I realise as I've come closer to God that he is my protector, he is my everything, he is my strength, he is my hope, he is my adversary in this world of pain and struggle that we cannot bear without this man, Jesus that's sacrifice for us, so we can send every single day of our lives. I'll walk this life forever with my brother Noah, and together we will forever make music and watch our lives forever unfolds. 


Bryan Smith

Forever Unfolds

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