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Jesse and Leah Roberts

Leah and I were both raised in small towns in Central Kansas. We had church upbringings, but both stepped into passionate relationship with Jesus in our college years. We got to know each other leading a team of missionaries in Thailand, working to get women out of the sex industry there. It took me a few years after our summer overseas, but I finally got my head on straight and asked her if she'd be my gal. She said yes (Praise the lord!). We've been following the Holy Spirit, making music from the scriptures, and doing ministry in our home ever since. We've been in Kansas City for seven years now, have three little ones (twins Rufus and Ada who are 8, and Phineas who's 5), and live in a ministry house full of college art students. Every day our eyes are opened more and more to the great mercy, love, and power of the Lord!

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