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Leah Guanipa

Leah is a poet, singer-songwriter, and modern psalmist based out of Whitinsville, Massachusetts. As a child, she struggled with being profoundly timid and often felt withdrawn from the world, something she carried with her into adulthood. In 2017 she hit a tumultuous time in her life as she struggled through drug addiction, abusive relationships, and homelessness. It was during her recovery that she began writing again, birthing songs that carried her through her journey of healing and recovery. Her songs offer an intimate glimpse of conversations between her and her maker, offering truth, hope, love, and healing. 

Leah is currently working on the production of her first album. 


“Writing these songs has been the healing salve that my soul needed; an affirmation of my true identity as an unconditionally loved child of God. May they be a source of hope and healing for you as well.” 



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