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Lee Goldberg

          I was born and raised Jewish, bar mitzvahed, the whole nine yards. I sang and performed on violin as a child, eventually moving to the guitar when I was 13. I graduated high school in New Jersey and went to the University of Maryland to study architecture. I performed with a duo, which became a trio (we were all architecture students), and we played all around the Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC area.
          When I graduated, it took me a while to find a job, but God had other plans as he brought me to a different area on a very thin thread, which is another story altogether. At that job there was a very annoying, brand-new Christian who befriended me and would come out and hear me play music in local restaurants. He also would share some Christian music cassettes (yes I'm that old) and invite me to his church where they would have concerts every Sunday night. Nothing but music would have gotten me into a church as I had no interest in God whatsoever.   
          On January 19th 1986, I saw a Messianic Jewish choir at church that night. I do not really like this type of music, but as they were leaving the stage the pastor suddenly (and surely for my benefit) grabbed one of the guys and told him to give his testimony. He was a doctor, and if you replaced "doctor" with "architect" it would be my story. That's the night that I accepted the Lord.
          I immediately jumped right in, bought a Bible, went to prayer meetings, small groups, etc. I also immediately started writing Christian music, and that year I wrote more songs than I wrote in any other year since then (if you don't count 365 ♪Scripture2Music♪ short-songs that I wrote in 2023-24). I eventually met my wife and married in 1991. It was a bit of a challenge to actually ask her to marry me, because when we married I got three kids, two cats, one wife (and a partridge and a pear tree) all at once.   
          My stepdaughter Kara was killed in a car accident in the year 2000, and that rocked our world pretty good; however we received the grace to go through it (although it was the hardest thing we've ever been through), and here I am many years later, following the Lord with more fervancy than I ever have. I've been playing and writing original Christian music since 1986, and it's been quite a journey! So, whether you're Christian, Jewish, Muslim, athiest or whatever, Jesus is still the way, the truth and the life, and I wouldn't trade making that decision for anything! Be Blessed!

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