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Morgan Doran

At the age of eight I began a five-year journey through two Christ centered Cal Farley’s campuses, where I learned of Jesus and His sacrifice and love. I also found my love and passion for music through choir, band, worship team, and church drama. My foundations in Christ, those small seeds planted would keep and carry me through the hard years to come.

I was born into a life of abandonment, many forms of abuse, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and what seemed to be a never-ending nightmare. My story is one of perseverance, rescue, and never losing sight of who I was despite the circumstances that I found myself living through. During my life, like so many of us the enemy worked overtime to keep me away from God’s calling upon my life. BUT GOD!!! Through Jesus, I found freedom not only spiritually, but physically! I was delivered from the life that held me captive, and my journey of healing would begin.

In 2015, the Lord once again watered the seeds of worship he planted within my life as a child. In early 2019 after years of fighting against His call, I stepped out in faith with the encouragement of those closest to me. Since then, the Lord has grown my understanding of the Word and the importance of worship. In January of 2020 I became the worship leader at Living Way Hemet, and on November 1st, 2020, I released my first original single Loving Arms.

Since then, the Lord continues to open doors, provide opportunities through serving and recording, that have helped me grow in my faith, walk, and love of worship, the Word, and Jesus. “It is in worship; God imparts himself to us.” CS Lewis. To me worship is the only place I felt comfortable communicating to the Lord, a true relationship and true trust and faith was new territory and a little scary. Worship is not a show, it’s a time where we don’t look to the left or the right, but we look up to Him as we make a joyful noise. That is the place where our hearts become an open line of communication as we prepare ourselves to hear from our Lord. What a powerful and mighty God we serve, He is faithful even when we are not, amen!

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