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Rachel Addington

Jesus is both the writer of, and the ever-present character who weaves in and through our biographies.  When I was a little kid, I kept catching these glimpses of Jesus writing himself into the small and big events of my life.  What I heard in the Catholic tradition and Awana club told me that Jesus loved me; and in real life, Jesus proved that to be true. 

     My childhood family experienced turmoil when I was a teenager, and it was at this time when Holy Spirit cultivated within me a longing to know God not merely religiously and intellectually, but authentically and personally.  A community of believers who practiced close fellowship with Holy Spirit helped me learn the ways of that kind of connection with God.  I was driven to uncover the Bible, because in reading, it was like discovering that I had been adopted and that my rich inheritance as a child of God was waiting for me; it was like getting to know a Father who had always loved, guided, and waited for me.  I belonged, and I had a good Dad.  In Jesus, because of his death and resurrection, I receive release from shame and guilt, and know that I am accepted and forgiven.  I’m staying right here, Home in Jesus, forever. 

     Watching for and responding to how Jesus is shaping the narrative of our lives has led me into rich adventures, such as marriage with my husband Drew, eleven+ years sojourning in China, and raising our four kids including a daughter with cerebral palsy and deafness.  Now Jesus is drafting the newest chapter, as we rebuild home and wholeheartedness in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

In my songwriting, I try to interpret my own stories (and sometimes other tales), which are authored by and reveal to us, Jesus.

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